La verdad

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Muchas veces he pensado que la está sobrevalorada. Decir la verdad no siempre es necesario. Ni útil. Ni responsable.

En Battlestar Galactica, quiere saber la verdad. A toda costa. Por encima de sus seres queridos, de su , por encima de los poderosos. Aun a sabiendas de que la verdad puede que sea injusta. Pero es lo suficientemente responsable para aceptarla. Es practicamente un suicido pero sus convicciones son más fuertes que su instinto de supervivencia. Finalmente, logra conocer la verdad y hacer que los demás la vean. Y hace sentir a todo el responsable de sus miserias y sus errores. Que es muy fácil poner un cabeza de turco y echarle toda la . Todos somos responsables y un poco culpables.

Lee ya no es el mismo. Este proceso ha sido un resorte que ha hecho salir pensamientos que ya estaban ahí, pero que no quería afrontar Tampoco quiere volver a ser el mismo. Sabe que tiene que tomar nuevos caminos y seguir enfrentándose a todo lo que se le ponga por delante. La verdad hay que saber afrontarla, responsibilizarse de ella, y, sobre todo, saber aceptar el que conlleva. Que en nuestro camino hacia ella puede que nos llevemos a alguien por delante. Pero al final comprenderán que era necesario que hubiese alguien que nos pusiese delante del espejo.

Aunque en ese momento sea doloroso.

lee adama

“Did the defendant make mistakes? Sure, he did. Serious mistakes. But did he actually commit any crimes? Did he commit treason? No. I mean, it was an impossible situation. When the Cylons arrived, what could he possibly do? What could anyone have done? I mean, ask yourself, what would you have done? What would you have done? If he had refused to surrender, the Cylons would've probably nuked the planet right then and there. So did he appear to cooperate with the Cylons? Sure. So did hundreds of others. What's the difference between him and them? The President issued a blanket pardon. They were all forgiven. No questions asked. Colonel Tigh. Colonel Tigh used suicide bombers, killed dozens of people. Forgiven. Lieutenant Agathon and Chief Tyrol. They murdered an officer on the Pegasus. Forgiven. The Admiral? The Admiral instituted a military coup d'etat against the President. Forgiven. And me? Well, where do I begin? I shot down a civilian passenger ship, the Olympic Carrier. Over a thousand people on board. Forgiven. I raised my weapon to a superior officer, committed an act of mutiny. Forgiven. And then on the very day when Baltar surrendered to those Cylons, I, as Commander of Pegasus, jumped away. I left everybody on that planet alone, undefended, for months! I even tried to persuade the Admiral never to return. To abandon you all there for good. If I'd had my way, nobody would've made it off that planet. I'm the coward. I'm the traitor. I'm forgiven. I'd say we're very forgiving of mistakes. We make our own laws now, our own justice. We've been pretty creative at finding ways to let people off the hook for everything from theft to murder. And we've had to be. Because… Because we're not a civilization anymore. We are a gang. And we're on the run. And we have to fight to survive. We have to break rules. We have to bend laws. We have to improvise. But not this time, no. Not this time. Not for Gaius Baltar. No. You, you have to die. You have to die, because… Well, because we 't like you very much. Because you're arrogant. Because you're weak. Because you're a coward. And we the mob, we want to throw you out the airlock because you didn't stand up to the Cylons, and get yourself killed in the process. That's justice now. You should've been killed back on New Caprica, but since you had the temerity to live, we're gonna execute you now. That's justice!” –Lee Adama